Joerg Alfter

composer - musician - producer

Joerg Alfter is an Award winning Composer, Musician and Producer. Originally from Germany, he is now living in the U.S.A.


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Sunway - STORM
Ride on
Cool Night - Saragossa Band
Groovin Bone Guitar
Sie Nun Wieder
Bridge Over Troubled Water
The Boys Of Summer
Remember - Michael Keale
Leben So Wie Ich Es Mag
Smokie - On The Wire
Shades Of Duke
When Words Leave Off
California Groove Vol.III
Viel Zu Viel
While I Remember You - Bernard Lachance
The Point Man / Creato Per Uccidere
I'm Here
L.A - Honolulu - Tokyo Revisited
No Tengo Prisa
Opercian Triunfo
Shannon-Broken Heart
George And The Dragon

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